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When to Choose a Small Plunge Pool

Small Plunge Pool In Wood Deck

Small Plunge Pool In Wood Deck

Deciding what size plunge pool is right for you can be challenging! There are two things to consider when deciding on when to choose a small plunge pool. How you want it to look, and how you want it to function (year-round use, how many people will use, etc).

Regarding the first consideration, small plunge pools always look even smaller when you stake them out in the yard. One may look at the outline and feel like it looks tiny! Here are some tips on how to try to gain some perspective on the actual size.

Outline the inside dimension of the pool, the outside dimension of the pool as well as the total dimension including coping width. A 7×13 pool (ID) will generally consume about 11×17 feet in the yard if a standard 18” wide coping is used.

Remember that water adds depth and a new dimension to the outline you are looking at, and a filled pool will always appear larger than a spray painted line or stakes and string.
Work with a company who can provide a design that is to scale in your yard. Many landscape companies can design 3-D or virtual tours of the landscape design. Soake Pools has a visual aid that can help prospective small pool owners see pools of different sizes and installation types in their own back yards.

When considering how you’ll use your pool, think about whether or not you want to use your pool all year- round. In cold climates, a small pool has many advantages, the biggest one being efficiency since there is less water to circulate and heat. Also think about how you want to entertain around your pool. Do you have a fire pit and patio seating for friends to gather on and around? Often pools are used for a quick cool-down or a long hot soak. Either way, a plunge pool, whatever size, will offer both options. If your vision is to have 30 people in the pool playing volleyball, a small pool would not be the right choice. But if your vision is to play backyard volleyball and use pool for swimming, dipping, relaxing, a small pool may very well be just the thing! The view of the volleyball game is great from the pool!

Soake Pools offers 4 plunge pool sizes, all of which are found on the ‘design your pool’ page of their website. The largest is 7’x13’ and the smallest is 5’8” x 9’. Their team is always happy to discuss your preferences and goals, and help guide you to the size that best suits your needs!

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