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What Are the Advantages of a Precast Plunge Pool?

This image shows a precast concrete plunge pool on Cape Cod Massachusetts

This image shows a precast concrete plunge pool on Cape Cod Massachusetts

Precast concrete plunge pools offer many advantages over traditionally built pools. The main advantages are time savings, efficiency, and year-round use. Let’s explore these three benefits in a little more detail. Soake Pools is proud to be America’s original precast concrete plunge pool.

Time savings: Soake Pools makes precast concrete plunge pools.  The pools are poured in an NPCA certified plant, then brought into the Soake Pools facility for tiling. This facility is climate controlled so the temperature is always ideal for tiling.  The plunge pool is completely finished on the inside before it arrives to the customer’s backyard.  How does this save time?  The rebar setting, concrete pouring, and tiling have all been done in advance, saving weeks or months of backyard disruption.  A Soake Pool can be placed in its prepared spot and connected in just days if the project is well organized.

Efficiency: Soake Pools does not make a pool larger than 7×13.  This is for a couple of reasons.  The small volume of water can be heated efficiently, compared to larger bodies of water that require more time and fuel to heat.  The small size can easily be covered with one of three cover options, all of which meet locking safety requirements and keep the heat in or the cold out. Soake’s exclusive foam insulation package provides excellent R-value so that heat loss is minimized.

Year-round use: Soake Pools have been designed for year-round use since 2013. A large body of water could be used all year, but often is too big to cover or heat efficiently, especially in cold climates. Soake’s small size and cover options allow customers all over the country to use their plunge pools year-round if they choose to. For those who prefer not to swim in the winter, the pools are drained and winterized just like any other type of traditional pool.

There are other reasons to install a Soake plunge pool, including the beautiful hand-tiled finish. They believe that the hand-tiled finish is the most elegant, natural and durable of any finish available on the market, and tiled pools require very little maintenance.

The Soake Pools team loves what they do! They interact with each customer on a personal level and have a great time helping their clients customize their Soake Pool.

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