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Two Pools in One; A Plunge Pool Does Double Duty

Meet Soake® Pools, a New England based company offering a game-changing alternative to traditionally built pools. Soake Pools designed their plunge pools to offer elegance, efficiency, state of the art equipment, and easy installation at a price that is surprisingly affordable. What’s the best feature? A plunge pool satisfies two needs; it’s cool in the summer, and hot in the winter.

Homeowners no longer have to make the choice between a pool and a hot tub. John, from New Hampshire said, “We were undecided between a full-sized swimming pool and a hot tub for our newly renovated house. The Soake Pool was the perfect hybrid”.

Soake Pools can be used all year long, even in cold regions. Pool owners can heat their pools to as high as 104 degrees and control the heat and light right from their phones or tablets, using high efficiency equipment, automation, and salt water sanitation. Plunge pools (small deep pools) offer a great alternative option to large in-ground pools and they can become a stunning piece of functional art in large yards, yet they are small enough to fit in almost any backyard space. A standard size is 7’x13′.

Homeowners who are thinking of adding a pool in their backyards are often surprised by the high cost and hassle of installing a pool. In addition, large in-ground pools are expensive to maintain, and in cold climates, the season for their use is short! Soake pre-casts concrete pools and delivers them ready to install, at about 50% of the cost of conventional in-ground pools. The pools are built and finished in a variety of tile choices in their warehouse, shaving days or even weeks off a traditional installation. Additionally, Soake configures their equipment pads before delivery, further streamlining the easy process and saving the consumer money. Because plunge pools use approximately 90% less water than large pools, the maintenance costs are dramatically lower for plunge pools, even when factoring in year-round use.

Plunge pools also can raise property values (while there is debate as to whether large in-ground pools are appealing to home buyers). They easily blend with the natural backyard landscape and offer an aesthetically pleasing size and shape, along with an opportunity to create intimate backyard living spaces around them.

Want to learn more about the elegant and affordable Soake Pool option? Contact Soake Pools.

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