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Top 5 Benefits of Fencing Around Your Plunge Pool

fence around plunge pool

fence around plunge poolWe often hear from people who, if given the option, prefer not to have a fence around their plunge pool. Some towns require a fence around a plunge pool while others will accept an ASTM-F 1346 certified locking cover as a stand-alone barrier. If you are required to have a fence, think of it as an opportunity to get creative when considering what type of fence to install. Regardless of whether you have chosen to have a fence around your pool or you are required to have one, there are many great reasons to install one!  Here are the top 5 benefits of fencing around a pool.


The physical barrier the fence creates is one of the best ways to keep pets, children or uninvited guests out of your pool. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your pool and yard are protected.


Fences with solid panels can provide privacy around your pool. Solid tall fences keep passers-by from looking into your yard and they also contain your yard, visually, so that you aren’t looking into your neighbor’s backyard, alley, or trash area.


Think of your fence as part of your backyard design, rather than simply as a functional barrier. There are many beautiful fence options out there. Wrought iron and wood are examples of two materials that can be beautifully crafted to create simple or ornate designs, adding to the beauty of the landscape you have created around your pool.

Trellis for Climbing Plants.

Certain fences can be used for vines or other climbing plants to climb up. The ‘living fence’ creates a vertical garden that can be its own work of art. Grapevines are great climbing plants that offer the added benefit of producing food that you can eat right from your fence, poolside!

Wind Shield.

In windy areas, a solid fence can help keep the area around your plunge pool warmer by keeping the wind out. Another benefit is that the fence will also keep leaves, dust and other debris from blowing into your pool or the area around it.

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