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Memories of Owning a Pool; Then and Now

You remember growing up with that big backyard pool, and all the anticipation and excitement that preceded its opening day in late-May. In New England, you relied on mother nature to cooperate during those precious weeks between May and September, hoping for lots of sun, so you could use your pool a lot; oh the stress of the weather! Your parents complained about the costs of the pool, and they were in fierce competition with your neighbors to get the “pool guy” to come to your house first and get your pool up and running. The pool guy came often and left large invoices for the maintenance that came with the pool throughout the summer. You dove into the abundance of chemicals that promised to dry your hair and irritate your eyes. Before you knew it, a fall chill was in the air and the pool guy was back, putting things away until next summer. How could it have gone so fast?

Imagine that instead of having a big pool, you had grown up with a plunge pool (a small deep pool)! You would have enjoyed your pool all year long. The costs to run the pool for the whole year would have been less than the costs for those few months, and the only chemicals added might have been a small amount to adjust the water chemistry now and then. All winter you’d have enjoyed your pool, under starry winter skies in 100 degree steamy water. When spring came, there would not have been the stress to schedule and re-open the pool because you would not have had to close it up!

Soake Pools believes in making year-round affordable pool memories! They manufacture pre-cast concrete plunge pools that defy the old pool myths. The pools are understated, elegant, and boast beautiful interior tiles that can be customized to blend with your backyard personality. Designed to be used all year, they can be cool in summer and heated up to 104 degrees in winter. They provide all the benefits of a larger pool without the costs, chemicals, stress and maintenance that are associated with large pools. They also save time when being installed; a Soake Pool can be installed in just days or weeks.

If you are in the market for a pool for your home, decide what kind of memories you want to make for you and your family. If you want a huge pool with a slide and a diving board, and the short season and costs fit your lifestyle and budget, a large pool might be for you! If you want a smaller, elegant body of water that the whole family can enjoy year-round, and a project that won’t break the bank during construction or afterward, consider a pre-cast concrete plunge pool. The people at Soake Pools are happy to speak with you and discuss your project goals.

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