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How a Plunge Pool can Change your Life; Relive Childhood Memories and Create New Ones

When we think about our relationship with water, and why we love being around water, most of us can remember many joyous events that took place around a body of water. Why is it that some of the best memories are made near water? In this post we will look at why and how a plunge pool can simulate those experiences and how having your own plunge pool can change your life for the better!

Lake Life:

Remember that vacation you took with your family to a lake that hot steamy summer? You had giddy moments of jumping into the chilling water, enjoying a cocktail on the dock at sunset, that summer fling boyfriend (or girlfriend) that you still remember, or the thrill of skinny dipping at night! When you install a plunge pool in your yard, you bring that lake life experience to you. Now you can enjoy moments like these all year-round, in the privacy and sanctity of your own outdoor living space.


Ocean Zen:

Sitting by the ocean, listening to the waves crashing connects us with mother nature. We feel the gravity of the moon through the high and low tides and marvel at the massiveness of the sea. While a plunge pool won’t create crashing waves, we can connect with nature by floating, sitting or standing in our own personal plunge pools. While a salt water pool has a tiny amount of the salt compared to the ocean, the benefits of soaking in salt water have been the subject of much research and publication. Relaxation, meditation, or loud gatherings can all occur in a plunge pool.


River Cleanse:

Our ancestors used the rivers as a food source, a method of transportation and as a place to cleanse their bodies and spirits. Plunge pools can transport us to anywhere our minds can imagine and offer a cleansing experience just by submerging in one. Cold plunges can offer additional exhilaration and numerous health benefits, just like the rivers.


Essentially, humans have a love of water. Not only do we need water for life, but we love the experience of being in, on or around it. Rather than limiting those joyful occasions to time spent at the lake, ocean or river, we can have these experiences regularly and all year round by bringing the water into our back yards. Installing a plunge pool makes good economic sense,  adds to the resale value of your home, all in a luxurious and environmentally friendly way.

The Best Plunge Pools Interior Surfaces; Pool Tile or Other Finishes?

What is the best interior surface for plunge pools? If you are in the market for a plunge pool, this is a question you will want to ask yourself. The answer will depend on a few things.

What do you want your pool interior to look like? How much maintenance are you willing to take on? How much do you want to spend?

Aesthetics are the most important thing. You’ll be investing money and time in your backyard, creating your own beautiful oasis! The plunge pool will be the centerpiece and you will want it to be gorgeous! Take time to explore the different looks and consider which one you like the most!

There are five basic types of interior pool finishes:

Aggregate finishes (including plaster and tiny pebbles, typically in gunite pools), tile, vinyl, polymer and fiberglass. We’ll explore the pros and cons of each here.

Tile offers limitless creative choices. Large format porcelain tile comes in thousands of colors and styles, and mosaic tile also has nearly infinite color and design options. Tile requires almost no maintenance except for general cleaning of the pool interior. It is ready to use upon the pool’s delivery. Tile is typically the most expensive interior pool option.

Aggregate finishes are usually found in custom gunite pools.  (Gunite pools offer the most options when it comes to shape and size, because they are formed, built and finished on site. The downside is that the construction takes a long time.) Aggregate interior finishes are not ready for use immediately and they require ongoing maintenance and periodic acid washing to keep them looking good and to make them last. This option is also on the pricier side.

Vinyl or PVC liners are the least expensive option and can be installed on the pool’s interior reasonably quickly. The cons to this finish are that if the vinyl is damaged or torn (think dog paw) it can be difficult to repair. Vinyl colors are limited and vinyl liners typically need replacing every few years.

Polymer finishes come in a variety of solid colors and are said to be durable. They are ready for immediate use and do not need to cure before the pool is filled. Certain chemicals can cause the finishes can fade over time. Chips, bubbles or cracks can be repaired with thermal tools.

Fiberglass has its own look and is moderately priced. The finish is integrated into the pool when it is made and is ready for use upon arrival. Fiberglass colors are limited and are typically solid. Repairs to fiberglass are expensive and can be difficult to blend with the original finish.

We feel that tile is hands down the most beautiful and durable option, which is why we have been installing tile in all our plunge pools at Soake Pools for 10 years. At Soake Pools, every pool is hand-tiled in a controlled environment before shipping to its destination. All 5 interior surfaces are fully tiled with large-format porcelain tile and epoxy grout or with small glass tiles in a custom mosaic design. The elegance of tile combined with the limitless design options make this a sophisticated choice that also stands the test of time. As an added bonus, our plunge pools are ready for immediate use upon arrival since the tile and grout do not need any additional preparation or cure time.

Enjoy your plunge pool search! Ask good questions and do your research when choosing a plunge pool and you will find one that meets your budget, aesthetic preference and fits your commitment to maintenance!

Top 5 Benefits of Fencing Around Your Plunge Pool

fence around plunge poolWe often hear from people who, if given the option, prefer not to have a fence around their plunge pool. Some towns require a fence around a plunge pool while others will accept an ASTM-F 1346 certified locking cover as a stand-alone barrier. If you are required to have a fence, think of it as an opportunity to get creative when considering what type of fence to install. Regardless of whether you have chosen to have a fence around your pool or you are required to have one, there are many great reasons to install one!  Here are the top 5 benefits of fencing around a pool. (more…)

5 Reasons to Buy a Precast Concrete Plunge Pool

photo of concrete plunge pool installed in Massachusetts
Aerial photo of stunning Soake Pool in New England

Have you been thinking about a plunge pool for a while now but you still can’t decide if you should “take the plunge”? Here are five reasons why you might want to consider jumping in! (more…)

When to Choose a Small Plunge Pool

Small Plunge Pool In Wood Deck

Deciding what size plunge pool is right for you can be challenging! There are two things to consider when deciding on when to choose a small plunge pool. How you want it to look, and how you want it to function (year-round use, how many people will use, etc). (more…)

Is a Plunge Pool Right for You?

Winter gathering around plunge pool and fire pit

How to Choose a Plunge Pool That’s Right for You

If you are in the market for a plunge pool, in addition to cost, consider three things– size, aesthetics, and usage. The answers to those questions will guide your choice, and when considered alongside your budget, will ultimately help steer you to the right plunge pool for you. (more…)


This Old House Logo

Soake Pools was featured on an episode of THIS OLD HOUSE®, when homeowners wanted to take advantage of every inch of their backyard. Watch as Kevin O’Connor meets Karen Larsen and her truck, and a Soake Pool is delivered and installed in just one day.

ATOH Logo link to episode

Soake Pools was featured on an episode of Ask This Old House®, where we teamed up with landscape designer Jenn Nawada to install a pool for a homeowner with a small backyard.

wmur logo link to Chronicle episode

We were also featured on an episode of NH Chronicle, showcasing the advantages of our state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

HGTV logo

Soake Pools was featured in HGTV’s story on the inviting trend of “cocktail pools”, turning small backyards into refreshing getaways. Notably, we were featured as an example of the comparative affordability of Soake Pools, at a cost of less than half the national average for a full-size pool.

The Wall Street Journal identified a plunge pool as a hot commodity, whether you prefer your water warm or cool. It fits perfectly in micro-yards or can be a feature of a larger landscape.

Soake Pools was featured in a small pool round-up in Luxury Pools +Outdoor Living Magazine.
The article highlights the top luxury plunge pool brands in the US, and explains why small pools are as “beautiful and fun as their larger counterparts”.

Plunge pools offer a minimalist approach to cooling off or warming up in all climates. The New York Times shares that they are also more cost efficient to install and operate, requiring less chemicals, water, and energy.

Boston Magazine Logo

Soake Pools was featured in the Home Design section of Boston Magazine, highlighting some of the many benefits of our pre-cast plunge pools over traditional pools.

Make the most of small spaces with a small plunge pool to accentuate your space.


Soake Pools was featured in two great articles in Cape Cod Home magazine, highlighting our pools’ ability to transform a backyard space.

Soake Pools features in two articles from Homes & Gardens. One details backyard staycations and how a plunge pool can help set the stage. The other provides ideas for creating a private pool oasis.

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In comparison to traditional pools, Soake’s plunge pools install faster, have a variety of tile styles, and can be used year-round. 

PureWow logo

The folks at PureWow recently shared their enthusiasm for small, stylish “cocktail pools”, and we’re pleased that they included Soake Pools as an example.

A recent story in New Hampshire Home Magazine detailed the way in which a Soake Pool was combined with lush landscaping to create the perfect focal point for a backyard near Lake Sunapee.

AD PRO says we are in the era of outdoor living. Check out the amazing options, including a Soake Plunge Pool.

Pool & Spa News logo

Pool & Spa News named Soake Pools as one of two companies that have emerged as leaders in providing “pools that are cheaper and and easier to install than conventional shotcrete vessels and tap into very of-the-moment trends.

Make a statement in your yard without taking up a lot of space by installing a plunge pool.

Soake Pools is featured in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens Create a Backyard Escape with Ideas for Gardening, Gathering and Entertaining

PoolPro magazine named Soake Pools’ prefabricated concrete pools as a way for time-crunched builders to increase their speed and efficiency on the job site, as well as meet the schedule requests of eager homeowners.

When it comes to pools, bigger isn’t always better.

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Unique Homes Magazine names Soake Pools as an example of how “Leaders in the pool design and construction industry understand the fantasies of a homeowner’s backyard oasis,” and use that understanding to “make masterful outdoor pools and spaces come to life.”

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