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Is a Plunge Pool Right for You?

Winter gathering around plunge pool and fire pit

Winter gathering around plunge pool and fire pit

How to Choose a Plunge Pool That’s Right for You

If you are in the market for a plunge pool, in addition to cost, consider three things– size, aesthetics, and usage. The answers to those questions will guide your choice, and when considered alongside your budget, will ultimately help steer you to the right plunge pool for you.

What size do you want?

Consider maintenance and backyard space.  The smaller the pool, the easier the maintenance in general.  Smaller pools will leave more room in any space for other interesting backyard features like fire pits, outdoor dining areas and gardens.

What is your aesthetic preference for the interior?

If your aesthetic preference is hand-tiled pool interior, a Soake Pool is the hands-down choice.  Soake hand-tiles the interior of every plunge pool they make using beautiful large format natural looking porcelain tiles.  Other types of finishes (plaster, sprayed-on epoxy and vinyl) are available from other plunge pool builders.

How will you use your pool?  Year-round or just spring/ summer?

A maximum size of 7×13 is ideal for year-round use.  Why? Because larger water volumes are less efficient to heat and maintain, and anything larger is cumbersome to cover.  Soake Pools offers three sizes, the largest of which is a 7×13.  If you plan to use your pool only in warmer weather, a larger pool may be an option for you.

Whatever your preference, join the small pool revolution and consider a plunge pool!

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