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How a Plunge Pool Can Help You Disconnect from the Internet

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Starry Sky PhotoWe love to post photos of ourselves, our friends, our children or even our meals. We enjoy perusing various social media to check out what our friends are doing or to find a new recipe. We grab our phones to make dinner reservations, and we sit at our computers to get the latest news and to pay our bills. At some point, we are tired of looking at screens! We are quick to point out how much teens are on their phones and electronic devices, but did you know that the average 40-60 year old adult spends 4.5-5.5 hours online each day?

We remember our childhoods, stargazing with our parents or friends, running through sprinklers on hot summer days or stepping outside to catch snowflakes on our tongues on cold winter nights. We still love to do these things and are constantly looking for new ways to disconnect from our digital lives and commune with the outdoors again.

A plunge pool can be just the temptation you need to log out and go outside! On a hot summer day, you can come out of your air-conditioned home and bask in deep, cool salt water. Splash around a bit, and even enjoy a fruity beverage at the end of the day in your pool. On a winter night, step outside and into a hot body of water and spend an hour soaking up the therapeutic heat. Bonus: on starry nights, hop into your plunge pool and stargaze from the privacy of your own backyard.

You don’t need a big back yard to install a plunge pool. Soake Plunge Pools are small enough to fit almost any backyard space. Their solid beauty makes a statement and beautifies back yards of all sizes. Because Soake Pools are precast and tiled before delivery, they offer an affordable alternative to traditionally constructed pools of the same size. Soake Pools believes in the age-old concept of concrete pools, but has reinvented how they are built; BEFORE they arrive at your home, cutting down on construction cost, noise and mess in your backyard.

Think of a Soake Plunge Pool as a vacation in your back yard every day, a break from your digital world, and a new way to enjoy the great outdoors!

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