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How a Plunge Pool can Change your Life; Relive Childhood Memories and Create New Ones

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When we think about our relationship with water, and why we love being around water, most of us can remember many joyous events that took place around a body of water. Why is it that some of the best memories are made near water? In this post we will look at why and how a plunge pool can simulate those experiences and how having your own plunge pool can change your life for the better!

Lake Life:

Remember that vacation you took with your family to a lake that hot steamy summer? You had giddy moments of jumping into the chilling water, enjoying a cocktail on the dock at sunset, that summer fling boyfriend (or girlfriend) that you still remember, or the thrill of skinny dipping at night! When you install a plunge pool in your yard, you bring that lake life experience to you. Now you can enjoy moments like these all year-round, in the privacy and sanctity of your own outdoor living space.


Ocean Zen:

Sitting by the ocean, listening to the waves crashing connects us with mother nature. We feel the gravity of the moon through the high and low tides and marvel at the massiveness of the sea. While a plunge pool won’t create crashing waves, we can connect with nature by floating, sitting or standing in our own personal plunge pools. While a salt water pool has a tiny amount of the salt compared to the ocean, the benefits of soaking in salt water have been the subject of much research and publication. Relaxation, meditation, or loud gatherings can all occur in a plunge pool.


River Cleanse:

Our ancestors used the rivers as a food source, a method of transportation and as a place to cleanse their bodies and spirits. Plunge pools can transport us to anywhere our minds can imagine and offer a cleansing experience just by submerging in one. Cold plunges can offer additional exhilaration and numerous health benefits, just like the rivers.


Essentially, humans have a love of water. Not only do we need water for life, but we love the experience of being in, on or around it. Rather than limiting those joyful occasions to time spent at the lake, ocean or river, we can have these experiences regularly and all year round by bringing the water into our back yards. Installing a plunge pool makes good economic sense,  adds to the resale value of your home, all in a luxurious and environmentally friendly way.

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